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Remembrances of and Tributes to Andy Lester

June 15, 2010

A fitting tribute to Andy Lester by Dawn Darwin Weaks, a Brite alum, excerpted from the Brite Facebook page:

I first met Andy Lester as a 21-year old. I just had experienced the rude awakening of my plans for my future not going exactly as I had laid out in my head. Southern Baptist Seminary, the seminary I planned to attend for my graduate studies, dismissed all of the “liberal faculty” and closed its preaching classes to women in the fall of my senior year in college. While at the time I couldn’t have said I wanted to be a preacher, I knew I couldn’t go to a place like that. So I was floundering, unsure of where to go. This was before more “moderate” Baptists opened any alternative schools. My only options were non-Southern Baptist schools. If you haven’t grown up in a somewhat closed religious tradition, this will sound weird to you, but thinking about going outside the boundaries of Baptist life for my education was frightening. Read More…

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